Morelia Shrine


Holy Infant of Good Health Shrine
Morelia, Mexico

It was a miracle of its own.  On August 17, 1958, in this poor area of Mexico, ground was broken for a temple to be built in honor of the Holy Infant of Good Health.  Within four short years, the church was completed, another miracle truly unfolding

In 1956, Margot James (she was devoted in spreading the devotion to the Holy Infant) was working at the Divine Word Seminary in Bay St. Louis, MS when Fr. Ralph Tyken, SVD, became ill with cancer.  By praying to the Holy Infant, he was cured of cancer.  In thanksgiving for his healing, Fr. Ralph helped find some benefactors from the United States who helped the community in Morelia with construction of the church in honor of the Holy Infant of Good Health.

On April 15, 1961, they placed the statue of the Holy Infant into the Cathedral in Morelia and prayed a 7-day novena.  On April 22, 1961, they had a grand procession, about three miles, carrying the image, walking and praying along the way to the newly built Temple (Church).  The sacred image was enthroned in the Church high above the main altar in a gold round circular glass enclosure.  The sacred image of the Holy Infant has never left the church since enshrined in 1961.

The Church was dedicated as a parish church on December 8, 1967.  It wasn’t until April 15, 2010, that Archbishop Alberto Suarez Inda of Morelia, declared the Church to be a Diocesan Shrine.

It is a simple, but beautiful, very large church made of stone.  Many come from all over the world to pay homage to the Holy Infant.  Countless miracles have occurred.



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