Triduum (3 days of prayer)

Act of contrition:
In your own words tell Jesus your sorrow for your sins.

Preparatory Prayer
(Recited daily)

Sweet Infant Jesus; humbly I come to love and adore You and to share with You my sorrows, feeling certain that You will kindly grant me the help I need. For with You there is nothing that remains impossible!

For love of us You took upon Yourself the fragility of our human flesh to save us from the lavery of sin and Satan. With confidence in your Loving Goodness I utter Your own words in the Garden of Agony: “ Lord, take this chalice away from me, yet not my will but Thine be done!”

You Who promised the Kingdom to the little ones, look upon one as little as me and turn my sorrows to tears of joy so that I may be all the more free to grow in Your Loving Friendship, which I pray I may have the happiness of enjoying eternally in Heaven. Amen.


First Day Prayer

Most Loving Infant Jesus of Good Health, to Your compassionate Heart I confide my needs and my sorrows. You who calmed the sea and the tempest, can also calm the anxieties of a troubled soul.

You who are more desirous of my happiness than I ever could be myself, will know what is best for my happiness now and hereafter.

If the favors I ask are not expedient for my soul’s salvation, you will know how best to enable me to take up my cross beside You.

Even now I feel an unspeakable joy within the depths of my soul that tells me You are
graciously inclined to hear my pleas, even if not in the way I ask.
Do accept, Adorable Infant Jesus, from my grateful heart, the raptures of my profoundest gratitude. Amen.    (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)

Second Day Prayer

Most Merciful Infant Jesus of Good Health, to You I offer the feeble comfort of my loving sympathy in the sadness Your Heart must feel over our coldness and blindness.

Mercifully grant that I may offend You less and love You more and be more worthy of Your comforting help in my afflictions of body and soul.

You, who didst suffer already from your baby Infancy in Bethlehem in the Circumcision and the Flight into Egypt, will well understand the pleadings of a suppliant heart that knows no other saving refuge but You!

If it be Your Holy Will, do grant me the blessings of health so that, with the chalice taken away or newly consecrated, I may serve You with a clean and pure body and soul on the sure road of happiness that leads to Your welcoming Embrace at the Gate of Paradise Amen.         (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)




Most Sovereign Infant Jesus of Good Health, to You I come like a penitent, sinful and sorrowful, but also like the sick and the lame who cried to You for Mercy!

For love of You I place the burden of my trials and sorrows upon the Paten with the Priest at the Altar, offering them together with Your Own Precious Soul and Body, for the Glory of the Father and the Divine Majesty.

There is such Power in Your Sweet Name of Jesus and tenderness in Your Infant Heart that I feel sure of every relief and cure, if You judge it to be beneficial for my present and my eternal health.

No matter what designs You may have for me, dear Infant Jesus, I gladly submit myself to them with all my heart, for though Your ways are unsearchable, You always plan what is best for me in time and in Eternity. Amen.        (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be)


Prayer to Jesus’ Mother
(Recited daily)

Dear Mary, Mother of the Holy Infant, to you I plead to speak for me to Your Loving Child Whom we honor under the title of “Infant Jesus of Good Health”.

As you became His Mother in Bethlehem, you became also my Mother at the foot of the Cross of Calvary. As your heart grieved to see Him writing in the Agony of the Cross, so also look with pity upon me now when the cross of suffering seems to be more than I can bear.

Regard not my sins, for I am resolved to grow like you in loving Jesus and keeping His every word and Commandment. Dear Mother of mine, do show your tender Mercy for a repentant sinner who awaits only a favorable word of Motherly Benediction.

With confidence I leave all in your hands, dear Mary, knowing that you will not despise my petitions but will speak lovingly to Jesus for me for the needs of this body and soul of mine. Amen.

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