Prayer for Life

Precious Holy Infant Jesus, we come before You with all the love within us and adore You. We praise You as Creator of life. We praise, bless and thank You for loving us so much. Your love wills for us the health which only You can give: health of body, health of mind, and health of spirit.

Protect us from all the evils and temptations that harm that health. We especially lift to You the evil of abortion this day. Protect from death those precious infants whose lives are in danger. Protect from mental and physical anguish those mothers who would choose this destruction for themselves and their babies.

Heal and protect our society that permits this evil to flourish. Make of us a people who cherish all human life from its conception to its natural end.

By Your grace, create within us the longing, openness and surrender to Your most holy will so that when our natural life has ended we will share with You the eternal life You have prepared for us. We ask this in Your Most Holy name, our Holy Infant Child Jesus of Good Health. Amen.


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