Missionaries of the Holy Infant Jesus of Good Health

God had given Maria Guadalupe Calderon of Morelia and Estela Barreda of Laredo an inspiration and desire in their hearts to found a religious order, called to live the virtues of the Infancy of Jesus. The Congregation is committed to spread the Devotion to the Infant Jesus of Good Health, to serve the Church, and to help those most in need, especially women and children.  It was formed, with the approval of the diocesan Bishop, Luis Maria Altamirano, as an association on September 19, 1966, for the purpose of becoming a religious institute.

After time had provided proof of rectitude, seriousness, and durability of the new association, the bishop consulted the Holy See, and on November 12, 1970, the congregation officially began.  On that date, the members of the association professed their final vows, remaining under the local bishop’s supervision.  The congregation continued to grow and its mission extended into other dioceses, and it was canonically recognized as a Religious Institute of Diocesan Right on January 12, 1999 by the Archbishop, Alberto Suarez Inda.

The Missionaries of the Holy Infant Jesus of Good Health are present in several Diocese in Mexico, Italy, and the United States.  Their mission is to bring souls to Jesus through evangelization, sacramental preparation and retreats. .  In Mississippi, the sisters also minister to the Hispanic Community in the Diocese of Biloxi.

Since the beginning, the sisters have and continue to establish orphanages in Mexico providing housing, health care, and religious education to poor children.

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